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  1. "Why Your Images Might Be Ruining Your Site" -

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    Blue argyle robot sock swag? Hell yes. And they match the free mani from yesterday

  3. The DreamHost Wiki is SO last year... Introducing the brand new DreamHost Knowledge Base!

  4. "Free Coffee Break Course: Using Linux for Ruby Development" -

  5. What do you think? Is Code Protected By the First Amendment?

  6. A big win for both DreamHost + the community - Making Sense of ModSecurity: JSON Audit Logs

  7. . , a computer-human interaction expert & prof. at , shares his vision of the of the future:

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    on a Friday. Trying to get everything done before the weekend.

  9. "How To Test Solid State Drive Health with GNOME Disks" -

  10. "Web Development Reading List #129: CSRF, Modern Tooling And The UX Of Web Fonts"

  11. "How To Quickly Optimize Jpeg Images on Linux" -

  12. Track these 4 metrics in order to get an accurate picture of the state of your or :

  13. "Stunningly Web Designs with Ornate Touches" -

  14. If you run a , these digital tools are essential:

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  16. "How to copy permissions from one file to another on Linux" -

  17. You've probably heard about the Apple/FBI issue. So we ask - Is Code Protected By the First Amendment?

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